Git Topics

Install Git

Cent OS

sudo yum install git


sudo apt-get install git

Linux are both GUI and CUI.
In the past, git-core is actual package for git, but now git is.

Windows msysGit

Git daemon


sudo apt-get install git-daemon-run

Initialize Git config

Initialize git repository without any settings

Create target directory with mkdir
Move to the directory you created.

git init

Initialize repository
.git directory(setting files) is created under the directory.

Set default user name and email address

git config --global "Kiririn"
git config --global

If missing this settings, you cannot commit.
.git directory under the current.

Init bare repository

This is empty repository(management file), there are only setting files in
For server?

git init --bare --shared=true


Command Description
init Initialize repository
config Show and change setting
add Add file to staging area
rm Remove file
mv Move file
commit Commit to the repository
branch Create branch and show status
checkout Change branch
merge Merge differences
pull Merge changes from remote repository
fetch Get changes from the remote repository
push Update changes to remote repository
remote Show remote repository settings
status Show status
log Show logs
diff Show differences
git command arguments

Basic Use

  • Create new file and make index
  • Commit
  • Commit and open editor for commit message
  • Commit under .
  • Edit the latest commit message
  • Remove file
  • Show current change(latest change)
  • Show git log
  • Show first 7 lines with simple message
  • Compare two commits
  • Revert
  • Revert all(Hard reset)
  • Reset(Unstage) from index

Create new file and make index

Inform my status to Git(make index)

git add sample.txt

sample.txt is file name

Apply all files under directory

git add .


git commit -m "first check-in"

“” is commit message(check-in message)

Steps are add and commit.

Commit and open editor for commit message

git commit

Open editor to input commit message

Commit under .

This command isn’t required to add

git commit -a -m "Comment"

Edit the latest commit message

You’ve already commited.
After commit, you want to edit commit message.

git commit --amend

Open editor and you can edit message

Remove file

git rm filename

This applies to index. You need to commit after it.

Show current change(latest change)

git show

–amend: Edit HEAD(latest)

Show git log

git log

Log example

commit 1ce2003e83f9eff0456e3a47025197359f27c2ed
Author: kiririn 
Date: Sun Sep 15 12:30:13 2013 +0900

   first check-in

Show first 7 lines with simple message

git log --oneline

This command to show HEAD, master log

Compare two commits

git diff 6cac3f4 1ce2003 sample.txt

Use one line simple commit ID with –oneline sample.txt is file name


Use git checkout

git checkout HEAD filename

Restore specific version

git checkout 6cac34f filename

Revert all(Hard reset)

git reset --hard HEAD

If you want to 1 back stage from HEAD

git reset --hard HEAD~

~ is 1 backward

Reset(Unstage) from index

Clear index(clear added files)

git reset HEAD filename

Show current status in index

git status

Show command Help

git commandname -h


git mv file1 file2

Include all changes(add, change, remove)

Include all changes in index

git add -A
git commit -m ""

Remove from only index

File is still existed under working tree

git rm --cached filename

Ignore file from(git add, git add -A)

Remove specific targets from index. Sometimes we don’t need to check-in files(tmp, binary, or others).
In that case, we can use ignore files.
To register ignore files

  • project/.gitignore
  • project/.git/info/exclude
  • git config –global core.excludesfile $HOME/.gitexclude

Create an ignore file

# comment

Share repository

Copy existed git repository

git clone /User/kiririn/Public/project help_project

The arguments order is oritinal, dst
In this case, we use share directory(not ssl)

Copy remote repository with ssh

git clone ssh://

The style ssh://username@hostname:port/repotitorypath
To use git protocol, use git://

Get other people’s change

git pull /User/Ayase/Public/help_project

The argument is target

Show(check) latest commit

git show

Merge commit

Merge is a point of version management system.
In git, when git pull is performed, editor opens
Editor shows merge(conflicts)
Git merge automatically

Add remote setting

Check remote repository

Full description

Add remote


  • Show configuration list
  • Show git version
  • Add username, user email
  • Remove parameter from config
  • Change default git editor
  • Color enabled
  • Enable decorate option by default

Show configuration list

git config --list

Add username, user email

git config --global "Kiririn"
git config --global

Show git version

git version

Remove parameter from config

git config --global --remove-section property

Change default git editor

To edit commit message, git uses “vi” by default.
To change this, you need to change core.editor

git config --global core.editor emacs

This case is emacs, other you also can change nano

Color enabled

git config --global color.ui auto

Enable decorate option by default

git config --global log.decorate short