iPhone 6 plus Optimization

What is 6 plus optimization

If you start development from iOS8, you don’t need to do this operation.
If you develop application from iOS7 before, you need to do this.
iPhone 6 plus is very special. This impact is same when Retina was coming.
Scale parameter is 3, this is different from other Retina display products.

If you don’t do anything, application images extend and it seems to be ugly.
To solve this problem, we need to do some operations.

No Xib, No Storyboard

No Xib, No Storyboard, you use only codes to create UI.
In this case, Xib and Storyboard has optimization for any device size Screen size.
But, in code case, we have to manage everything in codes.

Even if so, our application LaunchImage is not code, isn’t it.

Prepare launch image for iOS8

To optimize iphone 6, we need to change some settings.
Please point your project’s Images.xcassets.
This manages all images including icon, LaunchImage, and any images in your application.

Image assets

You need to check iOS8.0 and later, and prepare following images

  • Launch-iphone-750×1334.png(750×1334)
  • This is for Retina HD 4.7

  • Launch-iphone-1242×2208.png(1242×2208)
  • This is for Retina HD 5.5

  • Launch-iphone-2208×1242.png(2208×1242)
  • This is for Retina HD 5.5 Landscape

Please drag and drop these images into assets.


iphone 6 plus is special scale, it means 3. If you want to optimize images, you need to prepare @3x like Retina optimization