Spring Boot Mongo DB

Preparation MongoDB

Let’s start to use MongoDB
For Mac user, brew is easiest way to install mongodb.

brew install mongodb

Start with data directory(before it, please create empty directory named “mongodata”)

mongod --dbpath ./mongodata

Run with empty mongo environment

Spring Boot Dependencies

To use mongodb in Spring Boot, JPA mongod is easy
Add following dependency to build.gradle


I also use lombok for getter/setter

Default Database

Let’s prepare Entity class and Repository to work with mongo.
By default, mongo library uses mongodb://localhost/test


public class Customer {

	private String id;
	private String firstName;
	private String lastName;
	public Customer() {
	public Customer(String firstName, String lastName) {
          this.firstName = firstName;
          this.lastName = lastName;

The key point is @Id


public interface CustomerRepository extends MongoRepository<Customer, String> {

        public Customer findByFirstName(String firstName);
        public List<Customer> findByLastName(String lastName);


public class MongoController {

	CustomerRepository customerRepository;
	@RequestMapping(value="/list", method=RequestMethod.GET, produces = { MediaType.APPLICATION_JSON_VALUE })
	public List<Customer> find() {
		return customerRepository.findAll();
	@RequestMapping(value="/create", method=RequestMethod.POST, produces = { MediaType.APPLICATION_JSON_VALUE })
	public Customer create(@RequestParam Map<String, String>params) {
		Customer customer = new Customer(params.get("firstname"), params.get("lastname"));
		return customer;

You can test to create new user with POST: localhost:8080/mongo/create?firstname=xxx&lastname=xxx
You can test json response all customers with GET: localhost:8080/mongo/list

Create User and Database Settings

Next is advanced topic. By default, library uses root user. It’s not good for security.
Create new user for this database

> use crm
> db.createUser({user: "guser", pwd:"password", roles:[{role:"readWrite", db:'crm'}]})

Create crm database and new user(name: guser, password: password) This has readWrite only for crm database.

Mongo side was done.
Next is setting for Spring Boot side.
Mongo setting should be in application.yml src/main/resources/application.yml

      uri: mongodb://guser:password@localhost:27017/crm

Source codes are same.