MongoDB Backup


Backup is important for data storage.
For RDMS, they have dump command to make backup.
For Mongo, it is same as RDMS.
It has mongodump command.
Also, mongo data is file. If we can use file, just copy them.


If you install mongodb, you can use mongodump command.


mongod --dbpath ./data
>use data

Start mongo. All data are under /data
Create “data” database and create “items” collection and insert one item.

Create dump
Let’s make dump
The simplest command is following

mongodump --out /mongobackup/dump

It’s O.K. to run this command while mongo is running
Set only output directory.
All data are dumped under /mongobackup/dump. Look this directory.
data directory was made and items.bson and items.metadata.json are created.
These are backupfile.

If you want to add other parameters

mongodump --host localhost:27019 --db data --out /mongobackup/dump

Set host name
Set database name

Stop mongo and delete old files
Break current data!
Stop mongod and delete all files /data
So, “data” database and “items” collection and item has gone.
Let’s start and make database named “data” again.

mongod --dbpath ./data
use data      # Craete database

We need to create “data” database. If you skip this operation, we cannot run next restore command correctly.

Restore data

mongorestore --db data --drop ./mongobackup/dump/data

Restore works, please check data