Spring Boot Session with Redis

HttpSession with Redis

Last entry, I explain how to use Redis in Spring Boot.
The goal is to use HttpSession with Redis.
HttpSession is basically one machine. If you use several machines for service, this session is not used for other servers after saving data in one server.

So, we prepare cache server for session. The cache server is redis.
This is sample to use redis for HttpSession

If you don’t familiar with Redis in Spring Boot, please check my other entry : Spring Boot Redis


Add spring-session-data-redis

dependencies {


To enable Redis with session, we need to add configuration setting

public class Config {
    public JedisConnectionFactory connectionFactory() {
            return new JedisConnectionFactory(); 

Test how it works

For test, I set session value using HttpSession in Spring Boot Controller

public class SessionController {

	@RequestMapping(value="test", method=RequestMethod.GET, produces = MediaType.APPLICATION_JSON_VALUE)
	public String signin(HttpSession httpSession) {
		httpSession.setAttribute("test", "test");
		return "success";

To add session data, access http://localhost:8080/session/test

Check from redis

The easiest way is to use redis-cli

redis-cli keys '*'

To clear value(to check easily)

> flushdb

The results :

1) "spring:session:expirations:1473502620000"
2) "spring:session:sessions:1fa2e596-891a-4487-8427-7437852d24c8"
3) "spring:session:sessions:expires:1fa2e596-891a-4487-8427-7437852d24c8"

If you stop redis, the value will be kept. You start redis again, the value is still alive.


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