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I’m a software Engineer from Japan. Now I work in Singapore as a Server and Mobile Application Developer.
I’m interested in both Server side and Client side.
I’m looking for nice development groups in Singapore.

Title Description
Name Daiji Ito(伊藤大司)
Location Singapore
Education Kyoto Univ Graduate School of Engineering
Programming Java, Objective-C, Swift, JavaScript, C, C++, Python, PHP, Ruby, C#, Perl
Occupation Senior Application Engineer
Skills & Experience iOS(Objective-C, Swift), Android, Java Servlet, Spring Boot, JSP, JavaScript(Nodejs Express, Angularjs, jQuery, React), MySQL, Python, Perl, Selenium, Software Testing, Mac Cocoa
Business Experience 2009/04-2010/05 Software Development Engineer at Microsoft Development Co., Ltd.(Share Point Mobility)
2010/05 – 2013/12 Software Engineer at The Nanshu Software Company(Server and Mobile)
2014/01 – Current Senior Application Engineer(Mobile, Front, Server) at Rakuten Asia Ltd.
2017/01 – Assistant Manager at Rakuten Asia Ltd.
2018/08 – Current Vice Group Manager at Rakuten Asia Ltd.
Link Blog Professional Programmer
ブログ(日本語) プロフェッショナルプログラマー
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