Android Adhoc

Adhoc is direct install system for Android in order to do test easily.(Google Play store test has limitation of store country).


  • Create apk(any version is fine)
  • Save apk into your server
  • Add mime type(application/vnd.ancroid.package-archive)
  • Change client setting
  • Download using client web browser

Create apk

Create android archive in any ways.(any build is fine)

In Apache, mime.types is MIMETYPE ifle.

application/vnd.ancroid.package-archive     apk

Change client setting

In your phone, you need to enable “Unknown sources”.
“Setting” -> “Security” -> “Unknown sources”
Unknown sources

Download using client web browser

Open apk URL in your browser. Start download.
After finishing download, install instruction is shown up.
Select yes, start installation.