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  • simplesound
  • Simple raw-wav audio I/O and processing helper tool for java. To change a bit, we can use as Android
    We can handle byte and short sound data as PCM and Wav.
    This library is required jcaki.

  • JSON-java
  • This is JSON library for Java. I often use it in server side code, especially it is powerful for in app purchase receipt handling.

  • Crittercism
  • Crittercism is logging API when crash happened. You can manage Android application in web site.
    Minimum feature is for free
    It also supports iOS and Windows Phone Application

  • Inimesed
  • Inimesed is simple Application using CMUSphinx. This provides useful hook of CMUSphinx and Android.
    This is not equivalent for OpenEars(iOS), but this is useful to use CMUSphinx in Android

  • Espresso
  • Espresso is nice test framework for Android. Especially it is powerful for UI.
    It provides Test Runner.

  • android-viewbadger
  • android-viewbadger is iOS badge like UI. You can add badge to any View classes.
    Easy to use and easy to customize.

  • ORMLite
  • ORMLite is Lightweight OR Mapper for several platforms.

  • JavaDatekit
  • This is pure Java Date manipulation library I made. It includes Useful Date and Calendar operations.

  • crosswalk
  • Library which includes WebView and some useful components.

  • Picasso
  • A powerful image downloading and caching library for Android
    This is very useful for image download using HTTP Client.

  • ROOM
  • ORMapper. Android Developer Document has this article and training material.

IDE(Eclipse, Android Studio)

Game(Android NDK)



  • Android FileTransfer
  • This tool is to see an Android device file structure for Mac OS X. You can see directory tree in Finder.

  • Java Decompiler
  • Decompile java application and library. JD-GUI is GUI tool, JD-Eclipse, JD-IntelliJ are for IDE.
    Also support Android .jar file to decompile 🙂

  • dex2jar
  • This tool convert from Android .dex file to .jar file. After jar, you can use Java Decompile to see source codes