PlayFramework Get started


Install typesafe activator

Download from website Typesafe Activator
Download (2015/08/02 1.3.5)

I tried to use in Mac OS X.
Decompress zip file.

Create new application with the activator command

./activator new my-first-app play-java

Run application

cd my-first-app

If you are first time, activator resolves dependencies.

Activator Console

Activator console is console to operate play application.
This is Documentation
Run activator console
Start Activator Console


Run application





./activator -jvm-debug 9999

port is 9999

Compile sources


Work with Eclipse

Before starting, we need sbt.
You can install sbt using brew

brew install sbt

Change your project plugin(yourproject/project/plugins.sbt)
Add following

addSbtPlugin("com.typesafe.sbteclipse" % "sbteclipse-plugin" % "4.0.0")

Run activator console and use following command


You can create eclipse project. It’s ready to import.
Import -> General -> Existing project

Debug with Eclipse

Use remote debug on Eclipse
Start debug from activator command

./activator -jvm-debug 9999

Port is 9999
From Eclipse,
Debug -> Debug Configuration -> Remote Java -> port 9999