Start JUnit4

Let’s make JUnit4 Testing


  • Add JUnit4 library
  • Create test method using @Test annotation

Add JUnit4 Build Path

JUnit4 libraries are in eclipse plugin by default.
Eclipse -> “Properties” -> “Java Build Path” -> “Add Library…” -> “JUnit”
You can select JUnit3 or JUnit4.
Select JUnit4.
After that you can see JUnit4 under Referenced Library of project

Simple JUnit Test

This is first sample of JUnit Test.
Version 4 become very simple. In 3, you need to extend TestCase.
In 4, you just only add annotation(@Test) to test method.

public class FirstTest
    public void firstTest()
    public void noTest()

In this sample, firstTest is test method.
On the other hand, noTest is not test method.(Ignored when running test).

How to run?
Eclipse -> “Run” -> “Debug As” -> “JUnit”
It’s same as JUnit3.