Calculate Performance streaming

Calculate required bandwidth and performance for Video service

To provide Video service, performance is most important criteria for customer.
If the user can watch slow video, or loading time during watching, the user does not want to use this service.

Streaming service expectation

During 1 second, the user can download 1 second video. This is not stressful.

What do we need to calculate?

  • Line speed
  • Video size
  • Video length
  • Number of user at the same time


Line Speed : 10Mbps -> 1.25MB / s
Vide size : 10MB
Video length : 1 minutes -> 60s
Access : 10000/day -> 1.15 req /s peek time 10 times 10 req/s

Is it enough infra?

Let’s calculate
1.25 MB /s -> 10 people -> 0.125 MB / people
10MB 60s -> 0.16M/s We need to download this size.

This env performance
Download expectation

0.125 < 0.16 Not enough for peek time.


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