Rails Controller

Create basic controller

rails g controller name method

Only controller name

rails generate controller

name is controller name.
If you want to associate it with model, add s.

rails generate controller items

Even if create controller from command, routing is not set by default.

Remove controller

To delete controller, to delete controller files in rails.
But, rails prepares command for it

rails destroy controller name

Add controller to routes.rb as resouces

Route file is in config/routes.rb

ApplicationName::Application.routes.draw do
    resources :items

In this way, there are no action in controller.
items#index We can make basic RESTful.
Also, you need to add view by yourself.

Create Controller with Actions


rails generate controller items new show

new, show is action name
In that case , view is also generated
app/views/items/new.html.erb, app/views/items/show.html.erb

class ItemssController < ApplicationController def new end def show end end [/ruby] Access http://localhost:3000/items/new -> new action and go new.html.erb