Git Use Case

Summarize git command


Create new file and index

git add filename

Create index under current directory

git add .

Add means that it creates index on the local repository


git commit -m "message"

Add and commit

Add and commit at the same time

git commit -a -m "Message"

Delete old commit

Delete previous commit(include remote commit)
Use hard reset

git reset --hard commit_number

You can use HEAD, HEAD~ or other identifiers for commit number

Copy existed git repository

Not ssh

git clone /User/kiririn/Public/project help_project

In case of ssh

git clone ssh://

In case of https

git clone

Sync from remote or others

git pull


(ex)Source is master, Target is develop
Merge develop branch into master

git checkout master # if you aren't master
git merge develop   # merge develop into master
git commit -m ""    # commit
git push origin     # push remote(origin)


You can add tag to the latest commit

git tag tag_name   # create tag
git push origin tag_name   # push remote if you want

Resolve conflicts

When you execute merge, sometime conflicts, what should we do?
Check conflicts status

git status

Fix <<<<<<< , =======, >>>>>>> parts.
After fixing conflicts(add again)

git add .
git commit

Update submodule

 git submodule update --force --init

Add submodule

git submodule add <url>/project.git ./submodules/project

url is your git URL. project is your project name
.gitmodules and config/modules are updated

[submodule "submodules/project"]
    path = submodules/project
    url = <url>/project.git

Remove from submodule(deinit)

git submodule deinit path
git rm path

In this case, path is submodules/project

Create new branch

git branch newbranchname

newbranchname is new branch name

Change branch

Use checkout

git checkout branchname

branchname is branch name you want to change.

Show branch list

git branch -a

This commands shows both local and remote

Show Remote branch list

git branch -r

Delete local branch

git branch -d branchname

Delete remote branch

git push --delete origin branchname


git push origin :branchname

Add : to former of branchname

Delete local tag

tagname is tag name

git tag -d tagname

Delete remote tag

tagname is tag name

git tag --delete tagname

Delete remote origin tag

git tag -d tagname
git push origin :tagname

Change branch name

First you need to checkout the branch you want to change name

git branch -m "new_name"

Not needed “, new_name is new branch name


git log

Show configuration list

See all setting of your git

git config --list

If you want to see only localsetting

git config --local --list

If you want to global setting

git config --global --list

Unset configuration

git config --unset key

key is setting name
if you want to unset global setting, you need to add –global

git config --unset --global key

local is same, add –local

Change default git editor

git config --global core.editor emacs

If you want to change nano, use nano.

Reset force one push

git push -f origin HEAD^:maste